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Yeah yeah I know “don’t slut-shame” but I’m going there. My friend is a home wrecking slut. She went on and on about a guy from her job. SHE KNOWS HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. She constantly “talks” to him. Of course she claims these conversations are work related but how does a dick pic relate to produce at a grocery store. Is he comparing it to the bananas? Wtf? Why would you knowingly Facebook a guy and then start texting him if he’s in a relationship? Like have some respect. Even if its not a happy home don’t ruin it let them figure things out on their own. How hard up for sex does she have to be to fuck a taken guy. It didn’t stop their either she went on about how she could get this other guy at work to drop his wife for her. She then made herself seem like the victim. She put herself in the situation. I’ve always been on the other end so forgive me for sympathizing more with the girlfriend than my friend. Sorry for the rant its just frustrating to have a friend only think with her vagina and then cry when it doesn’t work out.

vampire academy rant

So I know I don’t usually post this type of thing but I just need to vent I guess I could say. Am I the only person that started finding Rose Hathaway unbearable further into the series? She keeps Adrian around for her benifit and then cheats on him. She like completely moves on in an instant. Its so annoying how she just whines and goes on and on about Dimitri. She doesn’t love him she’s obsessed with him. I wish Demitri would have stayed strigoi. Way to ruin a what once was wonderful series.

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